How do I link my cards and accounts through Plaid?

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How do I link my cards and accounts through Plaid? 

To link a new card or account through Plaid follow these simple steps!

Link a new account:

  1. Open your Kasheesh dashboard and click on 'Your Accounts' on the top menu bar.
  2. Find the 'Link a new account' button 
  3. Click Continue to allow Plaid to link your financial institution.
  4. Select or search for your financial institution. 
  5. Sign into your banking or financial account.
  6. Select the account you want to link to your Kasheesh account and follow the prompts.

Once you complete the Plaid prompts, your cards will appear on the 'Your Accounts' page in your Kasheesh dashboard. Click 'Confirm Card', verify your card details, and you're done!


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